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Hire PHP Developers

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PHP assists businesses in creating websites and applications that are secure and fast. It also provides performance-driven applications providing numerous advantages to make websites accessible. Through PHP web development, businesses can create applications with diverse features and complexity. You can develop anything from eCommerce sites, CMS based websites, web portals to social media websites.

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Hire India's best tech talent for your project.

    Hire a Dedicated Team of PHP Software Developers and Programmers in India at Affordable Prices

    Our dedicated team of PHP developers will be working on your project on a permanent as well as on a part-time or sporadic basis and being part of the team that develops your product.

    Elite Mindz dedicated PHP web development team has the same roadmap goals for project implementation, beginning with websites, web portals and integrated web-based applications.

    Our team of developers shares the same vision for the project’s roadmap through to the point of completion for various applications of different sizes and complexity, ranging from web-based websites to integrated applications.

    Hire the cream layer of PHP developers

    Hire professionals who will work to give output in the first attempt.

    Hire PHP developers with a minimum of 3 years of experience.

    Hire PHP developers as per your requirements at an affordable price.

    Hire PHP Software Developers

    Hiring developers is not an easy task, and it becomes more difficult when you are looking for an experienced professional. PHP development is highly in demand because of its ease of development and other benefits. Therefore finding a good PHP developer is more challenging than we can imagine. The best way to solve this problem is to hire professionals from Elite Mindz. When you hire a PHP developer from us, you will surely get the best developer with high proficiency in PHP frameworks. We provide PHP developers for:

    PHP based application development

    PHP e-Commerce solution development

    Custom PHP development

    Maintenance and support of PHP website

    PHP Migration services

    CMS development in PHP

    Integration and upgradation

    Hire PHP Software Developers - Hire Indian PHP Software Developers

    At Elite Mindz, hire professionals through a meticulous process to provide you with only the best candidates for your work. Professionals we hire put their best efforts, skills and custom-built solutions to help our clients with their tasks. You can hire developers at hourly, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis at an affordable cost.

    Work with Professionalism

    We provide highly skilled candidates in the domain and work with proper professional behaviour.

    Serving across the globe

    No matter where you are, we will send our professionals to you whenever and wherever you need them.

    Prioritizing client’s requirements

    While hiring professionals and outsourcing them, we only have one thing in mind: your needs.

    Certified Professionals

    Our hiring criterion allows us to hire only certified professionals in the related field.

    Experienced Candidates

    Our professionals are highly skilled and well aware of the market standards.

    Best as per the industry standards

    The minimum experience possessed by our professionals is 3+ years.

    Complete control

    To work with transparency, we give complete control of the outsourced professional to our client.

    We Serve for Multiple Industries

    No matter the industry you operate in, we cater to startups to big enterprises, corporates to governments, and product-based companies to services based on their development requirements.


    Non-Disclosure Agreement

    Result-Driven Approach

    100% Client Satisfaction

    Sincerity and Transparency

    Cost Worthy Team

    End-to-end Services

    How to Get Started and Hire a Developer?

    We take the client’s specification about his project and developers; then, we filter our 100s of developers from the pre-defined skill set as per the client’s requirements. Then we allow the client to hand-select the developer for his company, which suits him the best. The developer will report the client daily from our office in India as per the client’s time zone if working on a monthly plan (hourly basis option also available).


    Most Popular Questions

    Here are some questions related to custom software outsourcing & development that our clients frequently ask. If you need more information or have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

    AYes, the developer hired by you from Elite Mindz will work under you, and you will have complete control till they work with you.

    AWe have a rigorous hiring process that includes screening tests, certification checks, and rounds of interviews. After selection, we provide training to the candidates to make them best suited for you.

    AYes, before finalising the candidate, we will share the resume and the candidates’ documentation so that you can get assurance from our developer.

    AEven after the project completion, our team will help you in every way if some issues arrive in the project.