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Elite Mindz, top IoT app development company, uses flexible hardware and software services that work in any environment. Our IoT services for companies are dependable, cost-effective, and remarkably simple to use. Businesses of all sizes are utilising enterprise IoT and consumer IoT to boost efficiency, obtain real-time data from linked assets, decrease costs, and foster innovation through new business models. Hire IoT App developers in Delhi, India from Elite Mindz to achieve the same!

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Hire India's best tech talent for your project.

    Boost Productivity and Workflow With Elite Mindz’s Internet of Things (IoT) Services

    You can overcome the challenges of integrating wearables, sensors, networks, clouds, and apps without losing security with the aid of Elite Mindz’s end-to-end Internet of Things services, providing you a durable competitive advantage. Our IoT app developers for hire assist you in transforming your organisation through well-informed decisions based on potent data analytics thanks to our industry-specific knowledge and IoT technology competence including Firmware Development, Mobility, Cloud computing, and Data Analytics.

    Our IoT Capabilities

    Digital Twin
    Digital Twin

    Making a digital copy for a strategic overview and assessing the effect on different viewpoints in the industry.

    Live Remote Monitoring & Troubleshooting
    Live Remote Monitoring & Troubleshooting

    Access real-time information on business operations and assets to learn more and address issues more effectively.

    Decision Support & Data Analytics
    Decision Support & Data Analytics

    Gathering and monitoring of sensor data in real-time for batch, predictive, and interactive analysis.

    Pluggable Cloud Services
    Pluggable Cloud Services

    With correct provisioning and simultaneous integration of numerous cloud services, manage cost and functionality.

    Edge Computing
    Edge Computing

    Utilizing the quick processing power of end devices connected node to node in a network, decentralised computing.

    Third-Party Integration
    Third-Party Integration

    A platform to power your company's app or online service and use or attach third-party solutions to Elite Mindz's IoT services.

    Our IoT Offerings

    Platform Development

    Creation of proprietary, open-source, and bespoke Internet of Things platforms

    Have practical experience creating IoT apps on the HPE IoT platform

    Permitted to create IoT apps utilising GE Predix as part of a partnership with the Digital Alliance

    Product Development

    Full range of services for connected product design, development, and implementation

    Practical experience creating IoT solutions for Embedded, Mobility, and Cloud Computing

    Product development expertise in industries like robotics, healthcare, and shipping

    Product Sustenance

    Re-engineering: code refactoring and optimization

    Testing services include regression testing, manual testing, and automated testing

    Use maintenance engineering practises, such as creating new features, customising products, and releasing updates and hotfixes

    Why Choose Elite Mindz for IoT App Development Services?

    We are an established software development company with a proven track record. Passionately engaged in providing the best Software Development, Mobile app development, Technology Consulting, IT Outsourcing Solutions and Human Capital Management services with our clients worldwide.


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