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Explore Our Procurement Management- EM Procure Submodules

Purchase to Pay (P2P) Process

Our system helps you create requests, get approvals faster, and connect them for efficient procurement through intelligent vendor selection.

Vendor Management and Ordering

This system simplifies convenient vendor management, enabling effortless onboarding and centralized business management with real-time approval.

Receipt Verification and Invoice Processing

An automated GRN/SRN system with invoice matching, quality checking, and multi-level approvals ensures smooth purchasing with fewer errors.

Reporting & Analytics

A centralized dashboard provides the ability to manage detailed costs through open purchase requisitions, invoice status and purchase reports.

Start dealing with Features of EM-Procure: Our Procurement Management Software

AI-driven vendor

Get AI-powered vendor analytics that identify the right vendors, make selection easier, and can lead to better deals.

Streamlined Supply Chain Solutions

We provide automated vendor cost comparisons, pre-estimated pricing, and streamline procurement needs to simplify the supply chain with us.

Mobile App Enhances Efficiency

Access PO approvals, upload invoices, and communicate with vendors anytime via the mobile app, enhancing change and management efficiency.

GST Management at Multi-location

Our software simplifies GST administration for multi-site businesses, reduces errors and ensures compliance with fully digitized sales software.

Squeeze every penny out of your budget with the Benefits Of Procurement Software (EM-Procure)

Costs and supplier relationships

Our software boosts cost efficiency with personalized solutions for budget optimization.

Spending and Supplier Ties

Software boosts vendor ties, streamlines procurement, fosters collaboration for success.

Informed decisions with Data/AI

Our software optimizes purchasing, boosts efficiency, and informs decision-making with analytics.

Centralized control, strategic sourcing

Our software centralizes control, enhances strategic sourcing, and enables informed decisions

Supplier ties, strategic procurement

Enhance vendor management, streamline transactions, and optimize contracts securely online.

Efficient invoice processing software

Our software optimizes invoice processing for accurate and efficient financial transactions.  

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    Why Do People Choose EM Procure as their Procurement Software?

    EM Procure is a complete solution that helps manage costs, performance and relationships with vendors through flexible features. check results quickly; Request a free demo today.

    Go live in just 15 days

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    Simplifies Every Step

    Know Why People Switched to EM Procure (and Never Looked Back!)

    Sunanda Sharma

    Before EM Procure, our procurement process was quite chaotic. We had duplicate invoices, missed deadlines, and many unhappy vendors. Everything from switching on goes so smoothly. The vendor portal is fantastic, and the AI-driven selection has helped us find some great new suppliers.

    Rajiv Chauhan

    EM Procure has helped us build stronger relationships with our vendors. The platform makes communication and collaboration much easier. Plus, automatic payments ensure our vendors get paid on time, every time.

    Rohit Sharma

    I love how user-friendly EM Procure is. Even people with no buying experience can pick it up quickly. The reporting tools are also incredibly powerful. Now we can track our spending down to the penny, which helps us identify areas where we can save costs.

    EM Procure-Our Procurement Management Software Tuck You In (with answers!)

    Yes, EM Procure uses AI for vendor selection, price comparison, data analysis and more to help you make informed decisions.

    EM Procure offers a range of pricing policies to suit your business needs. Contact us for a free quote.

    EM Procure can be implemented quickly and efficiently, typically within fifteen days.

    Yes, EM Procure can handle multi-currency projects.

    No, EM Procure is a cloud-based solution, so you can access it from any internet-connected device