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Asset Management Software  

The current requirement for all firms across a wide range of industries is an asset management system. It must to be reliable, expandable, and simple to modify. Businesses require a long-term strategy for managing their assets. They can use it to deploy, manage, maintain, upgrade, and get rid of the assets as needed. Both qualitative and quantitative plans are possible.
With our asset management solution, you can keep an eye on your hardware and software assets across different locations and divisions. With real-time insights into checkout, service, and location records, the programme keeps you informed. Actionable reports simplify auditing and purchase decisions. Utilize the software to schedule services, scan asset labels, and track licences and warranties.
Asset management software that satisfies the requirements of the new digital era, is essential for your company. We provide a user-friendly, cutting-edge UI. Our Asset Management System is plug-and-play, scalable software that can expand with your company. With company-specific customizations, these features can go live in 45 days without compromising your process or needs. It simplifies every step of an asset’s life cycle, from acquisition through disposal.

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Important Components of an Asset Management System


Asset Management Aids in the Decision-Making Process for Firms

Systems for asset management keep infrastructure safe and dependable. Operating and maintenance costs as well as long-term capital expenditures can be greatly decreased with minimal life cycle costs. Due to the fact that digital assets are used in practically every workflow, an asset management system is essential for optimising numerous procedures. The following succinctly summarises the primary advantages of an effective asset management system:

Maintenance Schedule

Creating a plan of action is called maintenance planning. Effective maintenance planning entails creating a plan of action that covers all construction, repair, and maintenance work.

Live Monitoring

Real-time asset tracking provides prompt judgments about the costs of replacement and repair. The best asset tracking software enables real-time support monitoring so that you can keep track of the whereabouts and state of your assets.

Continuity of Workload Distribution

The manual distribution of jobs is difficult and time-consuming. The seamless distribution of tasks among your personnel is made possible by asset maintenance software, saving you time and effort.

Accessibility on Mobile

Field staff need to be mobile. Employees can utilise asset management software from any location at any time, and it can deliver real-time updates on the asset management tasks they are performing.

Lifecycle Administration

Tools for tracking your assets should be integrated into an asset management system. Keep track of the entire asset lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal. Making decisions about your assets in a timely and informed manner is made possible by lifecycle management.

Detailed Reporting

With the aid of the essential insights, thorough reporting enables knowledgeable judgments regarding the assets. Effective asset management systems offer real-time, thorough data that gives firms detailed insights into their assets and aids in better asset management.

Friendly User Interface

Businesses want asset management software that is user-friendly, has an intuitive dashboard, and is simple to use. It makes it possible for your staff to use the programme quickly and effectively to carry out the desired maintenance tasks.

Unique Features

Tracking of an asset over the entire life cycle

Tracking of an asset over the entire life cycle

Physical verification of assets through mobile App

Physical verification of assets through mobile App

Access from any device, anywhere, anytime

Access from any device, anywhere, anytime

Easily move assets with related GST compliances

Easily move assets with related GST compliances

Bar code & QR code system to identify assets

Bar code & QR code system to identify assets

Cloud capabilities


Automated alerts for timely maintenance

Automated alerts for timely maintenance

Master data management

Master data

Service maintenance tracking

Service maintenance

Track repairs at asset level

Track repairs at
asset level

Warranty and insurance tracking

Warranty and insurance tracking

Asset audit software

Asset audit

Track assets at employee & department level

Track assets at employee & department level

Asset service tracking

Asset service

Warranty management software

Warranty management software

Automate depreciation computation as per companies Act

Automate depreciation computation as per companies Act

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Importance of Asset Management Software

Track and monitor every asset in your company in one central location

Manage your assets from any location, especially if the package has a mobile feature

Identify and address potential risks to your assets to minimize or avoid them immediately

Provide details about an asset’s lifecycle

Identify ghost assets to be removed from the system

Plan maintenance schedules for each asset to prevent service disruptions

Provides you with accurate, in-depth reports and audits quickly

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