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Our Affordable PPC Packages for Your Business

We create PPC pages that are highly inexpensive and tailored to the specific needs of small, medium, and large businesses. These services are designed to help you attract a lot of visitors to your website.
Do you want to buy PPC packages in India? For small to large enterprises in India, Elite Mindz offers inexpensive Google Ads Pricing Packages. We can assist you in making the most of your Google advertising money. We are one of India’s most reputable Google advertising agencies, and our PPC Management Packages enable businesses to rank at the top of search results.
In India, we provide three different PPC packages that are specifically tailored to assist our clients in achieving their Google AdWords marketing objectives. Read on to find out “How Much Do Google Ads Cost.”

Why Should You Invest In PPC Packages?

Budget Control
You don’t need minimum investment criteria to open a Google Ads account or execute a campaign. When you first start advertising on Google, you have complete financial control because you may adjust your ad expenditure based on your PPC budget.
Based on the results of your Google Ads Marketing campaign, you can either scale up or down. Ads can be scaled, cost inflows can be controlled, and the outcomes of your best-performing ad campaigns can be maximized.
With the help of analytic tools, you may thoroughly examine the success of your Google advertisements campaign. You may also track the number of clicks on your Google ads and the users that clicked on them.

Why Our PPC Packages Are Affordable?

Our Google Ads Marketing Pricing classification aids us in delivering the outcomes that our clients anticipate from PPC services.
Our Google Ads pricing packages in India include three PPC packages. Our PPC Packages allow our clients to reach their Google Ads marketing objectives while maintaining complete control over their advertising costs. Read on to learn how our PPC packages can help you establish a more cost-effective PPC marketing plan.

What Do Our PPC Packages Include?

Dedicated Account Manager
We have a dedicated team of account managers who will work with you to develop a campaign that suits your specific requirements. They’ll assist you in targeting the right audience and choosing the ideal keywords so that you are advertising is seen by the right people.
Conversion Tracking
Any company that wants to track the performance of their PPC advertising needs conversion tracking. Our conversion tracking tool will tell you how many sales or leads your campaign produces.
Campaign Management
For our clients, we provide complete campaign management. We create goals and plans specific to each client’s needs and objectives. We create ads that are sure to be noticed and produce results. We also keep track of everything, so you always know how well your campaigns are doing.
Keyword Research
The success of a campaign depends on the choice of keywords, how accurate they are and what quality they have. We keep the same in mind and conduct comprehensive keyword research to ensure that the ads pertaining to your business are reaching the target audience on a large scale.
Mobile Ads
You’re undoubtedly aware that mobile devices account for a significant portion of online traffic, but are you taking steps to profit from this trend? We help you in expanding the base of your target audience and improve the conversion rate with our mobile-friendly PPC services.