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IOT Software Development

Elite Mindz provides IoT services to automotive, real estate, retail and other industries to help them unlock the business potential of connected devices. Our cross-functional specialists help organizations harness IoT technology to create data-rich software solutions that can be used for connected cars, smart buildings, personal devices, industrial purposes and many other uses.

IOT Software Development Services

We offer a variety of IoT software development services, including middleware engineering and IoT pipeline architecture. We also build sleek and useful web and mobile apps for users of connected systems.

IOT Consulting

Our experts can help you develop your digital strategy. IoT is a great way to make money.

IOT Software Enhancement

Our engineering expertise can tune your IoT platform to achieve new business goals.

IOT Integrations

Maximize your IoT project's value by ensuring your software platform works with legacy equipment and existing infrastructure.

Data Analytics

Machine learning and applied analytics allow you to unlock the potential of real-time data from connected devices. We can bring real-time analytics intelligence closer to IoT devices by leveraging powerful analytical engines.

IOT App Development

Our back-ends are secure and robust, while our front-ends are responsive and attractive. Our UX team takes care of user experience. They create a user-friendly interface and add a catchy UI. We use React Native and Node JS for full-stack IoT app development. MQTT is used to communicate with IoT Devices.

IOT Application Design for Wearable’s

Our expertise includes developing apps that can work with sensors and microcomputers on wearable devices like smart watches and glasses. We can create futuristic self-tracker applications that can reach a hyper-connected region. We can also develop the software needed for maintenance and device updates without requiring any hardware modifications.

IOT Cloud Platform

An IoT cloud platform, or dashboard, is where IoT and cloud computing capabilities providing added value to consumer and business applications. It acts as a central point for all connected devices and collects and manages the data they send over the network. You can integrate analytic tools with custom-based solutions or a platform to generate actionable insight.

Industrial Internet of Things

The IoT is revolutionizing the way companies work every day and transforming industries. Combining big industrial data analysis with machine-to-machine communication can lead to great efficiency, productivity, and performance. The Industrial Internet of Things was initially designed to improve operational efficiency and automation. It has since played a significant role in intelligence manufacturing, smart industry, asset performance monitoring, industrial control and digital transformation.

Hire IOT Developers

IOT app development services continue t.o grow at an incredible pace. They have had a profound impact on all industries and businesses, regardless of their industry. Every company, business, start-ups, or even individuals want to be a part of this elite technology that can take them to Wuthering heights. IoT-enabled gadgets and devices will offer a better user experience and increase consumer loyalty. This is driving a greater number of sales.