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iBeacon Application Development Company

What Is An iBeacon?

iBeacon can be described as Apple implementing the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology standard. It allows Mobile Apps (both iOS and Android) to receive beacon signals and exchange data within very short distances. In the simplest sense, iBeacon technology allows the beacon hardware to detect the distance and location of nearby devices and establish the connection between the digital and physical world. It gives users a more personalized experience and is the ideal choice for companies. They can reach out to clients on a per-user basis and also promote their services or products.

Elite Mindz iBeacon App Development Services

Elite Mindz is a well-known Beacon/iBeacon app development firm that unlocks the possibilities in BLE technology. We offer innovative solutions for businesses by harnessing the potential of the Beacon/iBeacon technology, making use of the ever-reliable Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. We assist our clients in improving the efficiency of their business fields by providing the highest solutions in terms of technical support, including GPS-based navigation systems, location-based systems and maps, providing details on locations, indoor sensors, positioning systems, and discount notification.

We know that mobile’s future is dependent on the concepts of proximity marketing, which is a popular marketing technique in the present. Our skilled Beacon app developers possess the capability of creating class-apart apps based on Beacons that have free access and data collection.

Location-based ibeacon mobile app

We can help you use iBeacon mobile application development services for your benefit by using them in accordance with the location preferences of the customer. We can even utilize our Bluetooth Beacon software theme to create a specific area.

iBeacon Technology Consulting

With hands-on experience with the iBeacon technology, our consultants can assist you in tackling issues in iBeacon infrastructure configuration, setup and administration. They will assist you in estimating an optimal coverage of your device and assure safe data transmission.

UI/UX Design

Alongside a unique UI, you can get a captivating and valuable UX style for your iBeacon application to improve the user experience in all interactions.

Navigation & Maps

Make use of the benefits of guidance along the route, supported by videos or audio, as well as a detailed description and reviews of objects nearby in order to enhance your overall experience.

Proximity Based Information

The iBeacons app is able to transmit information and personalize interactions for users who are in proximity to the iBeacon hardware. Highly useful in industries like Museum Management, Retail, Healthcare etc.

Upgrade & Maintenance

Improve your current iBeacon applications with our ibeacon SDK. We also provide support after upgradation so that your app remains up-to-date and as per the market standards.

Support & Consultation

iBeacon experts are ready to help you navigate iBeacon technology for your company and provide unparalleled support from delivery through implementation.

Mobile Payments

Integration of mobile-based proximity payment using many different technologies and platforms with our iBeacon apps is one of them that allow rapid and straightforward payment.

Promotional Notifications

Get advanced marketing benefits through our iBeacon apps that can send out special promotions and notifications to customers to improve their shopping experience.

Business ibeacon app development

Our developers are adept at developing commercial iBeacon applications for medium, small and large companies based on their business needs, considering their budgetary requirements.

Hire ibeacon Developers

A talented team can make an organization successful. We have an available and highly inventive iBeacon development team with decades of experience in creating different kinds of iBeacon applications using various techniques and techniques.
Employ an iBeacon app developer or development team to work on your next project.