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If you want to get better results with the same effort you are putting in now, try Elite Mindz CRM software development company in Delhi. With our CRM system, you can attract great leads, do better sales, automate day-to-day tasks, connect with potential customers, and elevate your business growth. Our tools help companies maintain customer relations, manage their customer needs, and identify strategies with a growth perspective. With our CRM Software, you can manage, automate and synchronize the leads, perform better marketing, and satisfy customer requirements in an enhanced way.

Our CRM Software Development Company Provides Feature

Hike up leads, sales, productivity with automation.

Enhance customer recognition and commitment.

Process automation.

Prompt Judgment making & quick conversion of client's order.

Great ROI.

Modules of Best CRM Software In India

Lead Management

The lead is the important thing for an organization. These are generally prospective customers who have expressed interest in your services and products but have not yet purchased. To elevate the sales growth, it is important for any business to convert potential leads into loyal customers. Leads can be imported into Excel templates or be generated using a transaction form. Hierarchies can be maintained, and the higher authority can see the status of leads in the lower hierarchy. Leads are assigned to any individual. The alert system is an integrated option that gives the user alerts via SMS, email, and desktop. Users can change the lead stage.

We are the most sought-after CRM software development company in India because our team comprises project managers, programmers, and management specialists who design and develop highly comprehensive and efficient software that can tailor the requirements of our customers.

Opportunity Management

Opportunities on the Elite Mindz are the primary records used in selling. Utilized by sales personnel opportunities is a possible sale to a particular customer. The process of creating an opportunity is a way to add the possibility of a sale to the pipeline. It will be on the radar of the manager in charge, who could hold the team accountable for developing the opportunities.

Alongside creating an opportunity pipeline, opportunities enable businesses to measure the success of marketing initiatives by monitoring results back to the initial lead source and the source campaign. Similarly, the moment an opportunity is lost, reasons lost, and competitions can be tracked. Finding sales opportunities is perhaps the most difficult element of the sales process. Every effort your team does at this point will determine if you will win or lose an opportunity. A good opportunity management system like CRM software can assist you in securing opportunities by connecting you to the right people by bringing all the relevant information in one spot.

Quotation Management

The customer can create a quotation through an inquiry. When it comes to quotation generation, CRM requires essential information like the date of quotation completion, payment terms, tax information, product or service required for the quotation.

Activity Management

The management of activities is an essential aspect of CRM Software and administers all tasks performed by employees of your business. All data recorded in an activity is a vital source of information that must be available to every involved employee.

It is possible to use activity management anytime throughout the lifecycle of best CRM software in India. Activities like interactions and appointments create the record of every interaction between your business and its clients.

Task Management

It is efficient to allocate and distribute tasks within an organization to improve personal and professional productivity. It is essentially the effective management of many Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functions and abstract sales. It aids in planning various tasks related to sales, service, call center, and various other functions related to marketing.

The task management software CRM helps with everyday tasks in business and assists in reducing the time required to keep track of timesheets. Its tools can automate reminders for events, checking employee availability resources, prioritization-based task tracking, and emails to notify employees of the given tasks. Calendars are used to organize and plan appointments. The task management system in Elite Mindz CRM can also assist in assigning tasks to an additional team member.

Finance Management

Financial management gathers information about finances and generates reports. When needed, it lets you transfer financial data more efficiently to other partners within your business, such as vendors and your customers. It can be accomplished by processes namely ledger and budgeting.

Order Management

Order management modules can be used to automate the process of purchasing. For example, creating purchase order tracking, monitoring purchase orders, scheduling deliveries from suppliers, and setting up pricing for products and configurations.

How CRM Can Benefit Your Business

Progress of the Company

Custom CRM Software eliminate repetitive and manual tasks that are susceptible to an error by implementing automated workflows that add more effectiveness to processes. Additionally, CRM systems help create an environment of unification which facilitates efficient communication and collaboration among employees from different departments. Educating users about important activities, events, or actions, can help improve employee efficiency in time management.

Applications for Computer Vision and Data Visualization

Our applications allow companies to explore the data and alter it in meaningful ways to improve engagement and maximize ROI.

Find Valuable Insight

With all the relationship and process information that CRMs provide, businesses can discover new insights and enhance their competitive advantage. Integration to Power BI facilitates better data visualization and a thorough understanding of business performance, which can lead to better decisions.

A Powerful Security Feature for Businesses

With CRM, the danger of data vulnerabilities is diminished significantly. The robust security profiles and settings enforce strict controls to regulate access permissions following the user's role. CRM's cloud storage for data provides security that is superior to the data stored on-premise in applications.